“An internship at Digby Wells Environmental is a massive learning opportunity, far over and above the previous learning you may have done at university. The lessons in the application of your knowledge are crucial and can really only be gained in a supportive nurturing environment such as the one Digby Wells provides. There is always the opportunity for personal development. With specialists in a wide variety of areas, the internship process lets you try your hand at many different disciplines, allowing you to find your niche.

 It’s also not all work, team sport events are a regular occurrence. They allow you to network and meet people from different departments. You get to know each other informally, which makes for a relaxed and intellectually stimulating office environment.” – Brett Reimers

“In today’s times, experience is the most important asset one can have.  It is the knowledge and skill that one has acquired through the involvement in life events and through work.

Being an environmental consultant, experience is vital to being successful.  However, finding learning opportunities as a student and recent graduate can be difficult and finding a job where experience is a requirement can be a “catch 22” scenario.

Digby Wells provided me with the perfect environment to learn and grow in my chosen field.  Digby Wells has the perfect balance of an ‘open door’ mentorship approach, while giving you the freedom and creativity to learn through your own ways and finding solutions by yourself.

As a student, Digby Wells is the perfect place to gain invaluable knowledge and prepare you for the working world that awaits.” – Duncan

Digby Wells has a group of professionals and joining them directly from university has been a great experience. The support from my colleagues has been immeasurable and they have all made me feel at home. it’s always such a great pleasure to work with people who have true integrity and a passion for the environment and these are the qualities everyone at Digby wells share. They have made me grow not just as an environmentalist but also as a person, I don’t regret joining them and I’m hoping to have a great future with the company.” – Hlayiseko