Digby Wells Environmental – A BBBEE Level 2 Empowering Supplier

Digby Wells Environmental is committed to and aligned with the BBBEE Act and Codes of Good Practice and South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) guidelines with respect to economic transformation.

Digby Wells Environmental is an employee owned organisation, whereby most employees are shareholders. This structure ensures that employees take an active interest in delivering quality services to the resources sector throughout Africa, thereby enhancing growth and long term sustainability of the company.


Ukwabelana Trust

Digby Wells Environmental has registered an Employee Share Trust, formally known as the Ukwabelana Trust – Ukwabelana is the Zulu word for “share”, and the Digby Wells Education Trust, which in conjunction with our Partner, Lwazi Capital, a Black owned and managed company, hold 51% Black ownership of the issued share capital of the Digby Wells Environmental Group.

This mutually beneficial relationship ensures that Digby Wells is in full compliance with South African legislation applicable to the Company and its clients, affording South African clients a Level 2 – 125% procurement recognition.

Digby Wells Environmental has, as part of the company’s goal to increase the Ownership and Management Control of the Company to Historically Disadvantaged Black South African’s, developed an extensive BBBEE strategy ensuring that the company continues to play a successful role in transforming the South African economy.

The main objectives of the BBBEE strategy include the following:

  • To increase the number of Black people and other designated groups such as those with disabilities, who directly own and manage the Company and thereby enabling meaningful participation of these groups in the economy;
  • To provide educational assistance to Black people and other designated groups contributing to future economic transformation.
  • To utilise and promote Black owned professional services and entrepreneurs as suppliers.
  • To transform the composition of management structures to reflect the company’s demographics.

    Digby Wells Education Trust

    Digby Wells is committed to developing its employees, thus not only developing the individual but also improving the quality of products and services provided to our clients.

    All Digby Wells employees are given opportunities towards educational assistance, where feasible. In addition to this, bursaries are provided in other countries where there is a need and priority.

    The trust will provide financial assistance to Black South African individuals in order to enrol or to register with any registered and accredited educational institution to further his/her academic career within the Environmental and Social Sciences Industry.

    Digby Wells Environmental is committed to transformation and empowerment and will continue to pursue all opportunities to do so. It is important that the process of economic transformation is accelerated in order to bring the majority of Black South Africans into the mainstream economy, not only by providing employment but also to provide meaningful economic participation and to share increasingly in the wealth creation resulting from economic activities.