Biophysical Services

Digby Wells Environmental’s integrated team of fauna, flora, aquatic and wetland ecologists provide ecologically sustainable solutions throughout a projects life cycle, by assessing all biophysical / ecological components such as landscapes, communities, species, populations and individual organisms to determine the ecological processes taking place within a certain environment.

Findings and conclusions from the specialist studies are incorporated into a management strategy, which provides mitigation and action plans for biodiversity management.

  • Fauna and Flora Assessments:
    • Nursery, Game and Alien Invasive Species Management;
    • Biodiversity Offset Reporting; and
    • Biodiversity Actions Plans (in conjunction with other specialists).
  • Aquatic Assessments:
    • Aquatic Biomonitoring;
    • Bioaccumulation Assessments;
    • Monitoring of Invertebrates;
    • River integrity (Health) Assessments; and
    • Toxicity Testing.
  • Ecological Wetland Assessments:
    • Wetland Delineations;
    • Wetland Rehabilitation and Management Plans;
    • Wetland Offset Strategies; and
    • Constructed wetlands for passive water treatment.
  • High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessments; and
  • Reserve Determination.