Environmental and Legal


Environmental and Legal Services

The Environmental Legal Services (ELS) team focuses on management of environmental processes, co-ordination of projects, compilation of environmental documentation and product development, including the management of specialist teams required to conduct large scale environmental and social projects, as well as the compilation of the environmental reports to be submitted to the relevant authorities for authorisation.

In-house Legal advisors proactively assess the environmental legal requirements throughout a mining project’s life cycle by:

  • Determining project environmental design criteria and emission limits and standards;
  • Detailing all environmental permitting requirements and licences to operate in conjunction with project timelines; and
  • Guiding professional teams in respect of environmental impact assessment processes and adaptation of project designs to minimise environmental impacts.
  • EIAs AND EMPs;
  • Environmental Compliance Services:
    • EMP Performance Assessments;
    • Environmental, Water and Waste Management Audits;
    • Compliance Audits, and;
    • Due Diligence Assessments.
  • Regulatory authorisations:
    • Prospecting Right Applications;
    • Integrated Water Use Licence Applications (IWULA); and
    • Mining Right Applications.
  • Environmental Control Officer;
  • Integrated Project Co-Ordination and Management;
  • Environmental Legal Registers and Legal Updates;
  • Environmental Reporting:
    • Climate Change Studies; and
    • Carbon Footprinting – Organisational and Project Accounting.
  • Risk Assessments; and
  • Appeal Submissions.