Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The value of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lies in:

  • The value of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lies in:
  • Cost saving achieved from greater efficiency;
  • Greater project insight therefore enhancing decision making;
  • Real-time information and archived record keeping improves overall communication; and
  • Sound environmental management and planning.

By harnessing the power of GIS, combined with the highly-skilled and dedicated multi-disciplinary team of Digby Wells Environmental professionals, clients are provided with superior and holistic, pragmatic solutions throughout the project life-cycle.

  • Visual Impact Assessments (VIAs);
  • Site Selection;
  • Sensitivity Analyses;
  • 3D Modelling;
  • Spatial Data Management;
  • Interactive Maps and Management Tools; and
  • Remote Sensing:
    • Land Cover and Vegetation Indices;
    • Mineral Exploration; and
    • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing.