Noise and Air Quality


Noise and Air Quality Services

Digby Wells Environmental provides tailor made Air Quality solutions to address complex environmental challenges.

Digby Wells Environmental has the in-house capability to provide noise monitoring and modelling services in support of environmental noise impact assessments. With internationally recognised equipment and software Digby Wells Environmental is able to provide qualitative and quantitative noise assessments.

  • Dust Monitoring;
  • PM10 and PM2.5 Monitoring;
  • Fugitive Dust Control Plans;
  • Chemical Analyses of Airborne Samples;
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment of Airborne Pollutants;
  • Passive Monitoring of Gases;
  • Baseline Assessments;
  • Air Emissions Licences;
  • Dispersion Modelling;
  • Air Quality Management and Mitigation Plans;
  • AEL Application;
  • Setting up Meteorological Stations;
  • Assistance with Stack Emissions Testing;
  • Baseline Noise Monitoring;
  • Noise Dispersion Mapping; and
  • Noise Compliance Monitoring