Working for Digby Wells Environmental


Health and Safety

Digby Wells recognises that our employees’ health and safety are critical to our organisation. As such we will make sure through the appropriate systems and procedures that our employees are well looked after. We use strong risk assessment methodologies to identify foreseeable hazards and ensure that the best controls are put in place for these risks.

Our People

Our organisation is very diverse with people from all around the world. We don’t only encourage diversity we embrace it. We believe diversity inspires change and innovation. Our people are professionals in their own specialities with a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Our people give Digby Wells the competitive advantage. Our People are our organisation.


Our culture is our people. We are a warm and welcoming team, who support and co-operate with each other with the aim of seeing the organisation succeed. At Digby Wells the saying we work hard and we play hard rings very true. At Digby Wells you aren’t just a number you are one of the family.


Our work and interactions are driven by our values. Our values consciously and subconsciously drive our behaviour towards each other and our clients and guide our actions to create results. Our values are the foundation on which Digby Wells’ future will be built and it is only through our values that we will continue to grow and flourish as an organisation.

  • Demonstrating INTEGRITY and HONESTY at all times;
  • Acting in a PROFESSIONAL manner;
  • Working together as a TEAM;
  • Demonstrating CARE;
  • Delivering FLEXIBLE and PRAGMATIC solutions;
  • Demonstrating PASSION; and
Work Life Balance

We believe at Digby Wells that striking a work-life balance is critical to achieve optimal wellness. Having said that it is often easier said than done. Digby Wells creates a flexible work environment for its staff with benefits and recognition to support our staff achieving a work-life balance.


Our Leadership team undergo leadership development training to ensure that they are able to develop and grow. For more practical skills they are sent on a Management Development programme through the University of Stellenbosch. Our leadership team are rewarded for being a leader in their field. By providing our leadership with coaching and mentoring we know that this will ensure that our staff will always provide the best quality services to our clients.

Learning and Development

Digby Wells encourages professional development both informal and informal. We provide a structured internal training programme for our staff to further grow their skills. Professional registration is also available to our staff as well as membership to professional associations. For the more specialised and technical training we have relationships with a number of external providers who we engage with to enhance our staffs career. We offer formal and informal mentorship to our staff, they can tap into a wealth of expertise, knowledge and skills at any time. We facilitate a career construction process with each of our employees which provides tools and guidance to help them achieve their dreams. We love to see our employees achieve their career goals.

Rewards and Benefits

Our reward and benefits packages are structured to ensure that our employees and their families are well looked after. Some of these benefits include:

  • An attractive salary aligned internally and to the market;
  • Performance bonuses based on individual and company performance;
  • Core and optional benefits;
  • Formal and Informal Recognition; and
  • Shares.
Why work for Digby Wells Environmental
  • We make a difference in the world and have fun doing it;.
  • We are the largest Environmental Consultant in the Mining Industry;
  • We have flexibility in terms of working hours;
  • We have flexibility in terms of work place;
  • We are well-known in the industry and internationally;
  • We are a learning organisation that encourages training and development;
  • We ensure our salaries are market related;
  • We encourage ownership (shareholding);
  • We encourage staff to speak their minds;
  • We encourage innovation;
  • We work in interesting countries;
  • We give staff exposure to different projects, counties, clients, etc.; and
  • We truly care about each staff member