Local Employment

In order to retain the Company’s leading position in the field of environmental and social services and continually increase service levels to our clients, we continue to develop and maintain sound employment relationships. In this regard, the Company is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and endorses the philosophy of local employment as an integral part of our business plans.

Employee Owned:

Digby Wells Environmental is an employee-owned organisation, where employees are encouraged to become shareholders. This structure ensures that employees take an active interest in delivering quality service to our clients.

Local Content and Employment:

Digby Wells Environmental has established offices in South Africa, United Kingdom, Jersey (Channel Islands), Botswana, Mali, Tanzania, and most recently Senegal and employed locals in each of these offices. The Company is also a registered environmental and social services provider within the DRC and Liberia. In addition to this the Company has formed key partnerships with local in-country environmental and social consultants across the Americas, Europe, the CIS countries, Asia and other parts of Africa. This Local Employment Philosophy ensures that we can provide our Clients with local knowledge and content in the services we offer.


Digby Wells Environmental has registered an Employee Share Trust, formally known as the Ukwabelana Trust – Ukwabelana is the Zulu word for “share”, and the Digby Wells Education Trust which have been set up to develop and empower its employees and youth. These trust in conjunction with our Partner, Lwazi Capital, a Black owned and managed company, hold 51% Black ownership of the issued share capital within Digby Wells & Associates (South Africa) Pty Ltd. This affords our South African clients a Level 2 – 125% procurement recognition.