Graham Trusler

Graham Trusler

CEO (Founding Partner)


When we started Digby Wells Environmental in 1995, we did so with the ambition of making a positive impact and difference in the world. Fast forward 26 years and we can resolutely say we have done that.

Both through our client work, and in the way we operate as a company. This, our first impact report, sets out just some of the ways we make a difference.

Value from values

Digby Wells is a purpose – and value driven organisation. Our commitment to our values shapes the way we operate and, alongside our people, is the foundation of our success.

We invest in the upskilling of people. In 2021, we provided almost 10,000 hours of internal and external training for our staff which equates to about 81 hours per team member.

But we don’t stop there. Where possible, we seek to add value to our clients and the communities we work in by sharing our expertise through webinars and direct training. Just one example of this in action is the financial literacy training our finance team provided to 25 local community members at Mafube.

We also focus on the environment. In 2020, we were the first building in our Johannesburg office  park to install solar panels. In 2021 alone the panels helped us to avoid 32 tonnes of CO2 and enabled us to send 7Mwh back into the South African national grid.

Our Project work 

The biggest impact we have is through the work we do and the projects we’re involved in. From Mali to Montana, Social Action Plans to salt balances, we have worked on more than 5,000 projects.

One thing remains consistent across all; we make sure our involvement leads to better project decisions, more sustainable outcomes and improvements in the lives of people. This report showcases just a few of the projects we’ve worked on.