Rehabilitation, Closure and Soils

Mine closure planning is a critical part of Life of Mine planning. It allows for proactive management of expectations, risks and opportunities for mining companies and stakeholders.
Our integrated Rehabilitation, Closure and Soils specialist team applies sound environmental management practices to minimise the risks of the environmental impacts to a reasonably practical and sustainable level.
  • Rehabilitation

    • Rehabilitation contractor management as part of rehabilitation implementation projects;
    • Annual Rehabilitation Plans;
    • Rehabilitation Strategy; and
    • Implementation Plan (RSIP).
  • Closure

    • Scheduled and Unscheduled Mine
    • Closure Cost Assessments;
    • Conceptual and Detailed Mine Closure Planning; and
    • Independent technical reviews of mine closure cost assessments in support of financial guarantees.
  • Soils

    • Soil Impact Assessments and
    • Management Plans;
    • Soil, Land-Use and Land Capability Assessments, including Soil
    • Rehabilitation and Monitoring Plans;
    • Soil Survey and Mapping, Land-Use and Capability Mapping;
    • Land Contamination Assessments;