SSR Mining: Embedding good ESG governance and evolving disclosures

SSR Mining Inc. is a leading, free cash flow focused gold Company with operations in; Argentina, Canada, Turkey and the United States, and exploration activities in Mexico and Peru. In 2020 SSR Mining merged with Alacer Gold. Recognising the importance of good governance and sound ESG policies, immediately following the merger between SSR Mining and Alacer Gold, management sought to review and refresh the company’s policies ESG and governance policies.

To aid this  process, Digby Wells reviewed  and benchmarked the key sustainability and governance policies of each legacy company and benchmarked them against peers, larger companies and recognized industry leaders, as well as against investor standards and disclosure requirements. Digby Wells then provided SSR Mining with a set of recommendations for each policy,  to ensure the new policies were reflective of SSR’s size and intended growth trajectory