Water Geosciences

Water has been identified as one of the key Global Risks by the World Economic Forum. Our team provides holistic and robust Water Management Plans and Strategies to ensure you adequately manage this risk and establish long term success and optimal outcomes for the project



    •  Geophysical surveying (including magnetic, EM and resistivity);
    •  Borehole siting for water supply, mine dewatering or groundwater monitoring;
    •  Well field and water supply investigations
    •  Drilling programme oversight and borehole design;
    •  Aquifer testing;
    •  Tracer tests and analysis;
    •  Surface water – Groundwater interaction studies
    •  Groundwater liability and impact assessments related to mine closure;
    •  Water-related database design and management;
    •  3D site conceptual modelling and video animations;
    •  Seepage Modelling;
    •  Analytical Modelling;
    •  Numerical 3D Modelling; and
    •  Mine dewatering modelling, ingress predictions and management.

Surface Water

    •  Water Availability and Treatment assessments;
    •  Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring;
    •  Hydrographic surveys (streamflow rating)
    •  Rainfall and runoff modelling (Integrated Catchment Water Management);
    •  Water and Salt balances;
    •  Hydropedology Studies;
    •  Drafting of Water Quality Objectives;
    •  Flood Volume and Flood Line Modelling;
    •  Integrated Water, Storm Water and Waste Management Plans; and
    •  Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Plan.


    •  Acid-base accounting and acid mine drainage assessments;
    •  Static and kinetic leachate test;
    •  Cyanide management plans;
    •  Arsenic management and treatment plans;
    •  Acid mine drainage strategies;
    •  Waste classification (NEM:WA);
    •  Water treatment options analysis and trail tests;
    •  Tailings treatment and water management;
    •  Geochemical reaction modelling;
    •  Hydrocarbon impact assessments and monitoring;
    •  Hydrocarbon Remediation;
    •  Vapor plume surveying in the unsaturated zone; and
    •  DNAPL and LNAPL site characterisation.