Graham Trusler

Graham Trusler

CEO (Founding Partner)


Modern businesses must do well for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. They must of course generate profit to keep the business sustainable from a financial perspective. Business also needs to deliver benefits to other stakeholders, and
we need to consider the impact of our work on individual citizens, society and the planet.

The rise of ESG has seen this belief gain wider traction globally. But at Digby Wells, this has always been our mantra, and is reflected in our company mission statement which compels us: ‘To move from the world we live in, to the world we seek’. While formulated almost 30 years ago this is still core to our business values, and what we strive to achieve through the services we offer and the work we deliver.

A People-Centred Approach

At the heart of our work is a commitment to people. It is people who can and do change the world, and it is the actions of people that are mostly impacting the health of our planet today. We also know the most significant impact we can have is on people, both at a societal and an individual level.

  • At the societal level, as a global business, with its roots in the Global South, we know and have seen firsthand the disconnect between the people causing impacts and those living with them. We aim to address this imbalance and ensure there is equity and equality in both international debates and solutions proposed.
  • Individually, as a growing company one of the most significant ways we deliver impact is through the jobs, training, and experiences we provide. We are an employee-owned company, and one focussed on growing people. We have invested in and provide a wide range of bursaries, internships, work experience and training for our people. This has enabled us to build a bright, energetic and ambitious workforce, which in turn generates further growth for the company but also an ever-widening sphere of impact, and an ever-lasting legacy.

Seeing people grow and achieve their dreams is something we will never tire of, and it is with pride we highlight some our most recent successful bursars and interns in this report.

Lots Done. Lots To Do.

From communities to climate, water management to waste management, biodiversity to gender diversity, over the last 29 years we have completed more than 5000 projects aligned with our mission across 77 countries. But there remains a lot more to do if this mission is to be realised. The global climate is changing at an alarming pace, global biodiversity is being pushed to the brink of collapse, people remain hungry, and inequality is still rife.

There is no time to relax, urgent action is required, impact measured, to ensure action and not simply words.

This report is our effort to measure our action, and our progress against our mission. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.