About Us

We provide environmental, social and sustainability solutions for the resources, infrastructure, energy and agriculture sectors globally.

Our integrated approach and wide range of in-house specialist capabilities drives results and delivers project value for all our clients.

From exploration to extraction to rehabilitation and closure, our multidisciplinary team has the knowledge to support you through every milestone of the project life-cycle.

Over the years the company’s expansion plans have advanced rapidly with the company establishing operations in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Botswana, Mali, Tanzania and most recently Senegal, in addition to the South African office. Digby Wells Environmental have formed key partnerships with local in-country environmental and social consultants, and are also registered as environmental and social services provider within the DRC and Liberia.

We endorse the philosophy of local management as an integral part of our business, with all offices being locally staffed and managed thus ensuring that our teams have a comprehensive knowledge of National, Provincial and Local legislation relating to the Social, Environmental and Health and Safety Environment.

Our Capability 


Health and Safety 

Digby Wells Environmental takes the Health and Safety of our employees, partners and communities in which we operate in seriously. We have therefore adapted our Health and Safety management system to subscribe to the requirements of the ISO45001.2018. This system and policy is easily accessible and carried out by all levels of staff. 

In this way the drive for zero harm is central to the Digby Wells culture. Our HSE strategy is underpinned by five (5) elements, which include:

  • Leadership that drives a culture of adherence to HSE
  • Hazard and Identification Risk Assessment process that demonstrates that our critical HSE risks and hazards are being effectively identified and managed
  • Core HSE Tools that enable our people to manage and mitigate HSE risks
  • HSE Communications that ensure we are effectively engaging with our people and sharing and applying lessons learned through a process of continuous improvement
  • Governance and Assurance that demonstrates the effectiveness of crucial systems.

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Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance throughout the Digby Wells group of companies (“the Group”) and to ensuring that all its practices are conducted transparently, ethically, and efficiently to ultimately deliver long-term value to shareholders, clients and other stakeholders.

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